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Inspirational Presentations on Creating your Purpose-Driven Life.

Ginger Oliver, PT, DPT is a powerful speaker who draws upon her life experiences to inspire and motivate her audience into creating their purpose-filled life.  Ginger’s experience of over 20 years in healthcare, 15 years in leadership positions and her experience in global health initiatives worldwide will inspire and empower your team to reach for more!

Ginger’s journey began when she volunteered at a hospital in Port-au-prince Haiti, two years after the devastating earthquake in this area in 2010.  Here is where she learned of the great needs of people with disabilities in underdeveloped nations worldwide.  She met adults who after having a stroke were sent home from the hospital with no supplies, equipment or rehab services.  She met children with disabilities whose parents did not have training on how to care for them and help them progress.  She met adults with limb amputations who said no one would hire them because they were disabled.  The need for rehabilitation services, supplies, equipment, and training was desperately needed.  What she learned on this trip changed her life and started her on a mission of wanting to do and achieve more.  She founded the Haiti Rehab Project and opened the very first rehab clinic in Gonaives, Haiti.  She facilitates skills training and employment opportunities for adults with disability and organizes medical mission trips  to Haiti.  Serving now as the Executive Director of the Community Rehab Project, an expansion of the the original Haiti Rehab Project, she has expanded her vision to multiply the reach locally, nationally and globally.  Ginger’s experience with her work internationally has led her to an understanding of how to reach deep inside yourself to find your purpose and make a difference.

Ginger’s mission through motivational speaking is to empower others to do find their own mission and purpose in life and make them happen.  Through her story and her presentation, she creates a pathway to success by walking the audience through steps to gain clarity and direction.  Participants will learn skills for transforming their lives and careers by looking within, to set goals and conquer adversity to reach their true potential.

Ginger’s recognition that anyone can make an impact from anywhere in the world is the inspirational premise for her motivational message.  Her understanding that digging deep to find clarity on your goals and focusing your efforts are the keys to creating the purpose filled lives we all desire.   This concept, when paired with her personal accomplishments, will inspire and motivate the audience to look deep within themselves to find their purpose and mission.  Through emphasizing personal reflection, goal-setting, problem-solving, communication and networking, Ginger will empower the audience to reach for more.

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Contact us directly by emailing us at or calling us at 315-765-0063. Let us know what your goal of this presentation will be and we will customize our presentation to meet your needs.  Ginger and all of the staff at the Community Rehab Project donate their work to our nonprofit organization.  Therefore, we require an honorarium for the presentation. By booking this inspiring presentation, your honorarium supports our work in Haiti and around the world.  This is a win-win experience for all.  If travel requires a flight and/or overnight stay, we will request travel expenses as well.  Presentations are typically one hour in length and can be adjusted as necessary for your event. We require AV equipment available as the presentation is enhanced with visual images.