Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Let’s Make a Disability a Blessing not a Burden

Family Sponsorship in Haiti:

We know that life in Haiti is so difficult. We know that having a disability or a child with disability is an extreme hardship on families. Due to discrimination, it is very difficult for people with disabilities to find work even if they are qualified. Most families with a person with disability are unable to afford to feed their families, send their children to school and provide for all their medical needs.  As families need to pay for healthcare and school out of pocket, they often go without.  Recently, the value of the Haitian money has declined drastically, making even food difficult to afford.  The minimum wage is now only worth about $5 US dollars a day and makes it impossible to provide for all the families needs.

Often, due to the family not being able to support their children, they are placed in orphanages with the hope of giving them a better life.  We know that approximately 80% of children in orphanages in Haiti have a living parent.  We know that growing up with your family is so much better!  We believe that supporting the family unit and preventing orphanage placement is so important.

You and Your family can be the life-changing difference to a family in need.

For only $50 a month your family can provide ongoing critical support for food, education and medical care to a family that includes someone with disability.  Imagine this relief this provides! Not knowing if you will be able to feed your family or provide for their needs is so stressful on Haitian families.

Below are some of the families who face these challenges every single day.  By sponsoring this family,  you are giving them a lifeline that they do not have now.  These families are well-known to Community Rehab Project.  You are welcome to get to know them further and can even join us on a trip to Haiti to meet them and experience their world.  Join us today in supporting these vulnerable families.

Family Sponsorship Locally and Nationally COMING SOON!

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