Loriette’s Family



We first meet Loriette at age 2 after her mother reach out to us because her daughter was having trouble with her legs. As she grew her legs became more deformed due to malnutrition. We have been able to provide little Loriette access to care her family could never afford. Even transportation, meals and lodging for these services are a monumental hurdle for Loriette’s family. She lives in a very remote village in the mountains and needed to travel to Port-Au-Prince many hours away. She had never left her village before.  This past trip, we were able to meet more of her family.  Her older sister also has similar leg deformities due to malnutrition and we were able to give her a walker for when the pain is unbearable. The entire family does not have consistent nutritional support and they struggle with the expense of sending the children to school. Your support would be such a blessing to this family.




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