Louben’s Family



We first met Loubens in 2016.  Loubens has severe leg deformities from malnutrition.  He lives with his brothers and sisters in a remote village up in the mountains of Artibonite.  We have been seeing Loubens in our mobile rehab clinic in his area.  We have provided him nutritional support and transportation assistance to Port-au-Prince for medical evaluations.  Initially, we thought he may have surgery but the orthopedic surgeon from the US, who was on a mission trip to Haiti, said he was too malnourished and felt that his bones were too soft and weak for surgery.  Instead, he recommended serial casting to straighten the bones as much as possible and eventually bracing.  This family often does not have food to eat. Loubens and many of his family members still show signs of malnutrition such as his red/blond hair. Your support will help to feed them all and help offset some of the costs of medical needs and school tuition.


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