Roody’s Family



Roody is 33 years old man whose smile can light up a room.  He lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Roody is wheelchair bound due to a spinal cord injury a few years ago.  Living in a third world country when you are wheelchair bound is extremely difficult. It is difficult to enter and exit any building and there is no wheelchair accessible transportation. Leaving your home is so difficult.  He lives with his two brothers (36 and 27 years old)  and uncle ()27 years old in a one room home.  Roody is fortunate to have a ramp get in and out of his home but as you can see it is in poor repair.   Roody, his older brother and uncle are unable to find work in Haiti where the unemployment rate is so high. His younger brother is participating in an apprenticeship to be an auto mechanic. They struggle every month to feed themselves and when Roody needs medical care for complications from his spinal cord injury it is an extreme hardship on this family. He says that they all take responsibility over him to feed him and care for him. He says ” To eat, if I have no money, I stay like that. Then after a few days of this, I need to call to someone to lend money. If I have no money I do not eat. I struggle to just survive”  Over the last few months, especially in declining value of the Haitian money, he has gone many days without food.  Your support would bring stability to his life for him to know that he will be able to have at least some food throughout the month.




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