Carl’s Family



Carl, his mother, his sister and his son, Rotschild, live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Carl sustained a spinal cord injury and is now uses a wheelchair for mobility.  His neighborhood is not wheelchair accessible making getting around almost impossible.  Due to his immobility, he has developed stage 4 pressure injuries and needs ongoing wound care supplies.  Carl’s wife left when he became disabled and now he struggles to raise his son on his own. Carl and his family wish to move to an area that is more wheelchair accessible but they do not have the funds to do this. They struggle monthly to buy food and to pay for his sons schooling. Carl is interested in being a diplomat, advocating for those who are disabled to have a better life. He also has an interest in painting and drawing and would like to develop his skills to provide an income for his family. Carl also is part of our Team Zaryen Wheelchair Basketball program.  Your support will help them on a monthly basis to buy food and pay for Rotschild’s schooling to move forward with their family goals.



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