Redondo’s Family



This beautiful family in Port-au-Prince lost their sister and grandmother when their home crumbled in the devastating earthquake in 2010.  Redondo was trapped under the rubble and to save his life, he needed to have his left leg amputated. Now Redondo, his mother, Leunise, and his cousin, Larose,  live in one room with metal sheets as walls where their home once stood.  Making matters worse is that Redondo literally has to go up hundred of steps and slopping alleyways to get to their home.  As he gets older this will be an unmanageable task.  Redondo’s mother has reached out to us for assistance as they have no work and no food.  She would like to have a small business selling clothes at the market so she can buy food.  Redondo is a star member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team and has the most amazing accomplishment.  Redondo was sponsored to go to the 2018 Paralympic games and was the highest scoring player there!!!  See his golden shoe below.  Although he has this amazing accomplishment, it has not changed his families situation at all and they still struggle on a daily basis.  Your sponsorship of this family will enable them to eat, attend school and start a small business to help rebuild their lives.





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