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Tyson Fowler, 40-year-old husband and father of 2 boys, Calvin (7) and Abren (3), has been battling Chronic Lyme’s disease for 7 years that has triggered an autoimmune response mimicking ALS, a devastating neurological disease causing paralysis.

Tyson, and wife Ann Fidler-Fowler, a VVS graduate, through the support of many, have traveled to India for stem cell treatment in the past and have found it has been the only thing that has not only slowed the progression but also made him stronger throughout his entire body. However, in February 2015, Tyson suffered a cardiac arrest and has since lost some of the progress he made. Now stable again, but on a ventilator, they realized that he desperately needed to continue the stem cell treatments, but how? In his condition, he would not be able to travel safely back to India.

Since then, Ann, and her support team, have been tirelessly working to get this much needed treatment approved for the stem cell treatment here in the US. And FINALLY, after multiple attempts and almost two years of processing, Ann was able to get IRB and FDA approval through the FDA’s Expanded Access program! Tyson began his treatment in the US this past November!

Per Ann’s blog (www.conqueringlyme.com) “We now have access to the very thing that fueled his recovery and allowed him to make such tremendous strides in his improvement five years ago and we made history doing it! Tyson is the first patient in the United States to receive these types of stem cells and the magnitude of that is not lost on us. We are hopeful that one day these stem cells will be available to patients all over the United States who are suffering as Tyson is. We are all exhausted, but we know the most important thing is that he now has the greatest opportunity to continue his road to recovery and we will make the MOST of this moment.

As you know by now, the physical therapy aspect of his treatment has ALWAYS been a fundamental component as it has helped him to remain stable and avoid things like pneumonia and blood clots which can be fatal for an individual in Tyson’s condition. Now that we finally have the stem cells back at center stage of his treatment plan, it is critical that he increase his physical therapy sessions to maximize the productivity of the stem cells. The cells, in a sense, need to be shown where to go and that is done in large part by the physical therapy. Many of you have been asking what you can do to help, and we hope you know how grateful we are for your generous support over the years. What we need the most right now is help with physical therapy costs. If you feel inclined to share Tyson’s story and to give toward his rehabilitation, know that you will be making a lasting impact on Tyson’s life.
Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. This is undoubtedly a difficult journey for us but your friendship and endless support makes it an easier one.
With love, Ann”

The Community Rehab Project is proud to kick off our local efforts in the Central New York area, with our Dine to Donate at the Recovery Sports Grill on February 22 from 5 to 9 pm. Proceeds from the event will help Tyson get the most from his stem cell treatments through supporting his rehab needs.

Go get ‘em, Tyson!


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