For about 50 cents a day, you can BE THE CHANGE!

What if YOU could be the change? What if you could make a life-changing difference to someone who could never pay you back? What if you could support people with disabilities; locally in your hometown, nationally across the US and even internationally in countries like Haiti?

Through the power of the group, you can give grants to people in real need.

Most of us can’t afford a large donation.. but we can make amazing things happen for $14.95 a month. Be a change maker. Be a philanthropist.

With 100 members we can provide rehab services to hundreds through a clinic in Haiti. With 1000 members, we can give monthly grants to individuals with disabilities who are in great need.

We can’t do this alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen – together! We are calling on each of you to make an impact and Be the Change.

We make it easy- Your monthly donation of $14.95 per month will make a life-changing impact on the people we help with disabilities locally, nationally and globally. If you are ready to take the next step and join our Be The Change community here is your opportunity.

Want to do more?  Your one-time donation is always appreciated! Click here to make a custom donation.

Our global initiates have begun in Haiti. Click here to become a Haiti 500 Sponsor.