Business4Vets (B4V), a 501(c)(3) is a Non-Profit Organization, which provides valuable business opportunities, products, resources & services to veterans, reservists & active-duty military families to combat the challenges of unemployment & underemployment.  They have vetted over 3,000 opportunities that offer low or no startup cost with unlimited earning potential. They have chosen the best of the 3,000 opportunities to give our military family the best opportunity for success.  B4V  connects veterans with the most successful business experts in the industry to provide training, coaching, mentoring, resources and support to help them achieve personal and professional success.

Home Modification for Veterans by Veterans

B4V realizes that veterans with disabilities are especially in need.  Providing a business opportunity that they can start from home is so important.  But equally important is the ability to access the communities in which they live.  Home modification that is specific to their specific needs is critically important to the success of the veteran transitioning back to civilian living.  Community Rehab Project provides consultant services to B4V on concepts of successful home modification for specific disabilities. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists work with veterans with disabilities to learn about options and determine which modifications will be most helpful for their success. Then, we work with veterans construction companies to implement the home modification recommendations.

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