Our Partners

Our Partners

The Community Rehab Project is so grateful to our partners in the US and in Haiti.    We work to together  in the US and in Haiti to improve the lives of people with disability.  Together we expand the impact of our work.   Our partners work with us by leveraging their expertise and funds to empower persons with disabilities to create long lasting change.

The Community Rehab Project works closely with these organizations  providing healthcare and outreach programs.

Project Medishare

Project Medishare for Haiti is the only trauma and critical care hospital in Haiti with intensive care units for adults, children and premature babies.  The hospital has a spinal cord injury unit, a prosthetic and orthotics lab, outpatient rehabilitation, wound and orthopedics clinics.  They use a “train the trainers” approach to build capacity and empower Haitians to create and sustain their own healthcare system by investing in the training, education and employment of local medical professionals.

Healing Hands for Haiti

Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation Inc.  is dedicated to delivering quality, sustainable physical medicine and rehabilitation education, training and care for adults and children with physical disabilities in Haiti.  Healing Hands for Haiti opened its new rehabilitation clinic in Port au Prince, Haiti in May, 2012. There is space for patient care and making of prosthetics.  It also has classroom capacity to educate Haitian students in rehabilitation care through a course that meets internationally-credentialing curriculum standards.

Afya Foundation

The AFYA Foundation is an organization that loads and ships 40 foot containers filled with vital supplies to foreign health care centers and communities in need.  They also provide training for adaptive builders programs in Haiti and other developing nations.

Northern Friends of Haiti

Northern Friends of Haiti  is a non profit organization who partners with Haitian communities to develop clean water access solutions, effective sanitation practices, soil conservation, reforestation and improved health care.   We work together to provide healthcare programming in remote regions of Haiti.

D’ Youville College

D’ Youville College is a family of thinkers and doers working together for the greater good.  D’Youville is an MSCHE-accredited, independent Catholic college located in Buffalo, New York with a student body of about 3,000 students. Founded by the Grey Nuns in 1908, D’Youville offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs in allied health professions, education, business and liberal arts.  We have partnered with D’Youville College with the philosophy of “Think globally, but act locally”.  We are excited to see how this partnership can help us grow!

Christopher Reeve Foundation

We are so grateful to the Christopher Reeve Foundation which helped support the care provided in our clinic for the neurologically impaired.  Having a disability in such a poor nation is extremely difficult and the additional cost for medical care puts a tremendous hardship on individuals and families.  The assistance provided has eased the burden for our patients.  Read more about our grant here.  Please read more about how the Christopher Reeve Foundation assists others at   www.christopherreeve.org

Disability Rights Fund

 The Disability Rights Fund believes that a strong movement — extending from local to national to global levels — is the cornerstone for rights to be recognized and achieved for all persons with disabilities.  Recognizing the potential impact of a global human rights framework on the largest minority group in the world, the Disability Rights Fund was conceptualized as a response to the window of opportunity opened by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  We partner with Team Zaryen and the Disability Rights Foundation to impact the lives of others with disability through empowering Team Zaryen to make a difference in Haiti.  Please read more about the Disability Rights Fund here.

Service Dogs of New Mexico

Community Rehab Project  provides consultant services for Service Dogs of New Mexico (SDNM) as they are pairing service dogs with people with disabilities, including our veterans.  Our Physical and Occupational Therapists help their trainers to understand the special needs of the people they are working with.  SDNM support’s those with disabilities having a positive impact on their Community, City and State. SDNM’s integrity is the foundation as they partner with shelters, rescues, volunteers and trainers.  They continue to make a difference in the health and well-being of our communities by educating businesses on issues regarding service animals and the law by conducting comprehensive seminars and classes. Learn more about SDNM Programs here


Business4Vets.org (B4V), a 501(c)(3) is a Non-Profit Organization, which provides valuable business opportunities, products, resources & services to veterans, reservists & active-duty military families to combat the challenges of unemployment & underemployment.  They have vetted over 3,000 opportunities that offer low or no startup cost with unlimited earning potential. They have chosen the best of the 3,000 opportunities to give our military family the best opportunity for success.  B4V  connects veterans with the most successful business experts in the industry to provide training, coaching, mentoring, resources and support to help them achieve personal and professional success.

Home Modification for Veterans by Veterans

B4V realizes that veterans with disabilities are especially in need.  Providing a business opportunity that they can start from home is so important.  But equally important is the ability to access the communities in which they live.  Home modification that is specific to their specific needs is critically important to the success of the veteran transitioning back to civilian living.  Community Rehab Project provides consultant services to B4V on concepts of successful home modification for specific disabilities. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists work with veterans with disabilities to learn about options and determine which modifications will be most helpful for their success. Then, we work with veterans construction companies to implement the home modification recommendations.  Learn more about Business4Vets here.


Partner with us and make a difference!

To inquire about partnership, contact Executive Director, Ginger Oliver, PT, DPT at ginger.oliver@communityrehabproject.com.


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