Pro Bono Rehabilitation Services

Our Pro Bono Rehabilitation Services program provides rehabilitation services to those in need in our local area.  By facilitating and empowering individuals with disability to function at their highest level, we will enable them to live independently and be active members in their communities.

Who is our Pro Bono Rehabilitation Services program geared for?

This programs helps the uninsured and under-insured receive the care they need:

  • For those in our communities without insurance, most cannot afford to pay the out of pocket expense at the traditional rehabilitation clinics.
  • For many with insurance, copays are greater than $50 a visit, and prohibit them from receiving care.
  • For others, their insurance only pays for a certain number of visits and discontinues services whether they are still needed or not.

We know there are many who require care but are not receiving it. Our goal is to fill the gaps in care for those with disabilities in our local areas.  Approved patients from the local community would pay a nominal fee, such as $10/visit, which would cover administrative costs and a small “Pay It Forward” donation to fund our global programs.

How can I Access these Services?

Contact us at for more information about eligibility and application requirements.

Program is dependent upon funding availability.