Wellness and Prevention Programs

Our Wellness and Prevention Programs provide community support for establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to promote independent living.   By facilitating and empowering individuals to function at their highest level through our programs, we will enable them to live independently and be active members in their communities.

Otago Fall Prevention Program

The Otago Exercise Program (Otago) is an individually tailored, home-based, balance and strength fall prevention program that is delivered by a physical therapist over the course of 52 weeks.  This program provides community members instruction on an evidences based fall prevention program that has been shown to reduce falls in community dwelling adults by greater than 35% even higher for those over 80 yrs old. As falls are a strong predictor of placement in a skilled-nursing facility; interventions that prevent falls may therefore delay or reduce the frequency of nursing home admissions.

  • Individually Based Program – consists of individual physical therapy visits and phone calls delivered over a years time to reduce the incidence of falls and increase independent living.
  • Facility Based Group Program – consists of group exercise program where participants can continue meeting their individualized needs as established and progressed by their physical therapist and gain from the social benefits of a group program.
  • Learn More about the Otago Program here.

Who is our Wellness/Prevention programming geared for?

These programs help community dwelling adults to maintain their strength and balance to continue to thrive in the community setting and avoid institutional living.   Our individual programs may be covered by insurance.  Our group programs are cost effective options and may be covered by grant funding for those who qualify.

How can I Access these Services?

Contact us at info@communityrehabproject.com for more information about programming and eligibility requirements.

Grant funding for those who qualify is dependent upon funding availability.