What We Do

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of those with disability locally, nationally and globally.  And we are doing just that!   We assist to fill the gaps in needed service provision for those with disability throughout the world.


Locally, we know there are many  that are uninsured or under-insured.   Through our medical equipment donation program, we collect new and gently used medical and rehabilitation equipment from members of the community who no longer need the equipment.  They donate their equipment to us and get a tax deductible receipt from our charitable organization.  Then, we provide the medical and rehabilitation equipment to those in need and offer connections to other local services that may help.  In the near future, we plan to provide  pro bono services to those in need in our local area.  The need is great even in our local areas.   For those without insurance, most cannot afford to pay the out of pocket expense at traditional rehabilitation clinics. For some, copays are greater than $50 a visit and prohibit them from receiving care.  For others, their insurance only pays for a certain number of visits and discontinues services whether they still require care or not.  Our goal is to fill the gap in care for those with disabilities in our local areas.


Nationally, we know that following a natural disaster, such as hurricanes and wildfires, that many with disabilities lose their homes, personal belongings, medical supplies and equipment.  We are ready and waiting to respond when the need arises!  We fill the truck and immediately head to the areas of need providing detrimental supplies and equipment directly to those who need them.


Globally, we know that in underdeveloped nations, the need is tremendous! Our experience working in Haiti has taught us many lessons.  See our Haiti Rehab Project tab for more information on our work in Haiti.  In future years, we wish to repeat our programs and expand our reach to other underdeveloped nations in need.  Follow our website and Facebook page for updates as they arise.